Flawless Health


If you are following @thefitfineflawless on IG, you have seen these ankle weights more than once. They are 5 pounds each and are great for toning up your lower half. These weights are also the most affordable on the market!



This kettle bell is perfect for a variety of exercise. Squats, lunges, and hip thrust to name a few! Build your body in style. 



This is an amazing elliptical!!!

I recently went out and purchased this sauna. Since working out from home due to the virus...this has been a Godsend. I get my sweat on in the comfort of my own home WITHOUT needing to go to the gym. I LOVE it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

This vibration plate is my go to piece of equipment to recover from a hard workout. It is also great for relieving back pain. This machine comes with resistance bands and workout guides! Get yours TODAY! 

This is my go to green powder! It is an amazing coffee replacement This product contains 500 MG of spirulina and wheatgrass. The AMAZING this is that it actually taste good. 


Alive is one of my favorite and most affordable liquid vitamin brands. Liquid vitamins are GREAT because they enter the bloodstream as soon as you take them, unlike traditional vitamins that can easily be removed with waste.