Meet the Founder

noviembre 23, 2022 2 lectura mínima

Meet the Founder

Like many amazing women in history, I always dreamed of making my mark on HERstory. The idea of being my own boss was extremely appealing to me. The sheer thought of impacting many lives and creating a lifestyle that would provide me the ultimate freedom called TIME, was the sirens call.

After several "learning" experiences while attempting to start a business, The Fit Fine Flawless truly found me! I did not want to start this company...I needed too. The Fit Fine Flawless was birthed from the struggles i faced with my own personal body issues. I wanted to be THICK like Kim K and have a waist like Keyshia Ka'Oir but all God gave me was a bomb ass personality (lol jk but you see where I am going here). 

In 2013 I went to get a consultation for a Brazilian butt lift and that was when I discovered that I won the genetic lottery. I was pre-diabetic, I had pre-hypertension, and I was underweight. Needless to say I walked out of that room feeling defeated. The doctor said if I gained 30 pounds he would "consider" me as a possible candidate. I refused the offer and immediately went to work on creating my own natural solution! 

I became a certified master trainer with an emphasis in nutrition and began to heal my relationship with food. I was also able to build some curves but not fast enough! One night while I laid awake in bed I had the bright idea to make topical products to increase my curves fast. I healed my anxiety and depression with homeopathic medicine (under the supervision of a doctor and I was already an herbalist) so i just knew that the concept had to be similar.

After six weeks of testing in my kitchen, I finally cracked the code and started using the products on myself. My clients at the gym started noticing how quickly my shape was changing and one by one they started using the products too. They LOVED them so much that they decided they no longer needed the personal training from me...JUST the creams! LOL

I was sad that I no longer trained my clients, but ecstatic that I created a product that ACTUALLY WORKS! The support from my former clients and friends grew the #ffflawlessbabe fam to over 1.2 M people.

All of this happened because I wanted to change my body without going under the knife all those years ago! It takes the average person 16 months to recover from a bbl, $25,000+, and it has proven to be the most riskiest surgery in history. If you pledge to give me 9 months of consistency I will change your body forever.

 I am honored by the outpouring of love from all of you! I would like to thank my husband, sisters, and most of my family for believing in me and supporting me. I also would like to give glory and honor to God for trusting me with this vision.