Thicker than a Snicker Cream | Curve Enhancement Cream

Squats in a jar anyone? That Thicker than a Snicker cream really hits different. Rich, thick, luscious cream infused with vegan collagen, avocado oil and maca extract tightens, tones and plumps your skin while restoring its natural glow. Injected with positive booty building vibes, Thicker than a Snicker is all about that base, filling out your butt and hips.

it’s a twerkout in the bathroom, and the category is Thicker than a Snicker.  


How to use:

1. Apply a quarter size amount to your glutes and hips  

2. Massage into the skin using a circular motion until fully absorbed

3. Go ahead and twerk in the mirror (JK...)  


Please disregard the amount of ounces printed onto our new bottles. They are incorrect and we are currently working on getting them corrected. They are approximately 3.8 ounces per bottle however they will hold a little over 4 ounces in product.